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Throw back Thursday 
Jeezy in jail and Mogs out here calling each other hubbie

😳😳 not the hubbie 😔😂😂😂😂😂😂
Friday September 5th
Doors at 9 
$5 from 9-11
$10 after 
Ladies free from 9-10
21+ to drink
S/o @davejeff for blessing me with this dope ass bucket !! #youngboygotit
S/o @levelupmagazine just wrapped up a quick interview
I’ll be in Atlanta this year for @A3c October 8-12th 

#youngboygotit (at GLORYSEASON)
My family  (at City of St. Paul, MN)
#TBT #RoadToGlory listening party , it was cold as fuck that day and ppl still came out for the kid … We had two back to back listening session … I can only imagine how’s things gone go for #GLORY  (at Jugrnaut)
This Friday 
Come vibe with me  (at Emporium Arcade Bar)