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@mannymuscles and YaBoy
Made history 

First hip hop show at the 
museum of contemporary Art  (at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago)
Language of hip hop 
@ The
museum of Contemporary Art 
free Show 
starts at 7:15 
I’m rocking along side @psalmone   & @theboyillinois 

Curated by @fakeshoredrive 

Come have a great time  (at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago)
Free show 
7:10 pm
All ages 
Come have a great time !!! 

Throw back at LP studio showing the Mogs the new video for


Link in my bio (at LPZ Studios)

My latest video out now , produced by @dufflebaggift shot by @apjfilms 

Link in my bio
Pray For Em
This Saturday @psalmone @theboyillinois and myself 
At the museum of contemporary art 
curated by @fakeshoredrive 
🌊🎨🌊 by @basedsatan666  (at Musem Of Contemporary Art)
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